Decorating Walls with Hardwood

For show-stopping style, introduce the warmth and natural beauty of wood to more than just your floor.

Wood on the walls was a popular mid-century decorating trend, and, like many looks of that time, it's recently re-emerged, new and improved. Discover how you can transform a room from top to bottom with the enduring beauty and durability hardwood — on your walls.

Today's style-minded homeowners are approaching flooring from whole new angle — using it to create accent walls, wainscoting and artistic focal points that reflect their unique style and bring distinctive character to a space.

Whatever one-of-a-kind look you imagine for your home, we can help you achieve it. We've made some of our most on-trend hardwood flooring options adaptable for wall installations. They're easy to install, easy to care for and easy to love.

Hardwood is the most coveted type of flooring, so it's no wonder that it's also popular for interior wall design. Our engineered hardwood offers not only natural beauty and timeless style, but it is designed with a sturdy construction and rugged durability to last for many years to come.

Enjoy These Benefits

  • Reliable stability. Engineered hardwood is built in a way that minimizes unsightly gaps. Most competitors' planks are less stable, so gaps can show if they shift after installation.

  • Protective surface. Durable urethane coating protects the wood. Most competitors' wall planks have no protective coating, so they are susceptible to stains and wear.

  • Install Anywhere. Hardwood can be a great fit for walls on any level of the home, and in any room, even basements.

  • DIY-friendlyTongue-and-groove installation is quick and easy. (See video below.)

  • Easy to clean. Simply wipe to remove dust and debris.

Recommended Collections for Installing Hardwood Flooring on Walls

On the wall, the carefully crafted textures and tones of wood are dynamic and eye-catching, and bring natural warmth and authenticity to your space. Most of our engineered wood products can be used on walls, but there are a few we highly recommend for their depth-defying colors and textures and premium quality.

Coordinating Trim and Molding

We offer a full range of durable trim and molding for that special finishing touch. The design possibilities are limitless: framed works of wooden art, wainscoting, recessed panels.

These pieces are readily available, always in stock, and come in vibrant colors that are customized to be an exact match to our hardwood products, in both color and style. If you prefer a coordinating or contrasting color, there are many options to choose from.

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DIY-Friendly Installation

You can install hardwood on walls anywhere in your home, on any level — basements, living rooms or bedrooms alike*. Our engineered construction provides stability that many competitors can’t match, so you have peace of mind that your masterpiece will remain flawlessly intact.

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